Ismael Villar


Mr. Ismael Villar

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, National University of Mexico (UNAM)

Practice areas

Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Litigation, Criminal Law, Migration Law, Human Rights Law, Oral litigation, Medical Liability.

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Ismael V. Bragdon is a legal counsel for individuals and corporations with more than 5 years of experience in the area of civil obligations, including contract drafting and negotiation, civil and commercial litigation, litigation on labor and social security law, collective labor law, medical liability, administrative litigation and criminal law. Mr. Bragdon is a highly experienced civil, commercial and criminal law consultant and litigator, and he has focused on oral advocacy and civil and commercial obligations defense. He is an associate partner of E&M Business Lawyers.

Prior to joining E&M Business Lawyers, Mr. Bragdon worked as Senior Associate in a prestigious Mexican law firm, specializing in civil, commercial and criminal law. After that, Mr. Bragdon decided to start an independent practice, expanding his activities to labor law and general and oral litigation, for which he moved to California, USA to obtain a specialization in “Oral Litigation Techniques” from the California Western School of Law. Also, he is an expert in the area of medical malpractice liability.

The professional practice of Mr. Bragdon includes the strategic litigation and human rights consultation for two prestigious NGOs, the “Así Legal” NGO and the Catholic Charities NGO, the latter of which is located in Los Angeles, California. Furthermore, he has acted as the main advisor on the administrative, commercial and labor matters of the prestigious Mexican coffee company “La Selva” since 2005.

Mr. Bragdon obtained his BA degree from the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”. He is a native Spanish speaker and fully proficient in the English language.

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