Big Enterprisesand Corporations

Our lawyers have the experience of working for international companies as in-house counsels and external consultants. Therefore, we know your needs and challenges from inside and we can help you with:

  • Optimization of your legal expenses
  • Reduction of fixed investment in human capital of your company
  • Support for your legal department with decrease of legal work cost
  • Competitive solutions for on-going legal issues
  • Implementation of legal projects
  • Litigation
  • Solutions for problem solving in your business
  • and with any other legal question in regard to your business goals and economic efficiency

With our vast practice in business consulting we understand that implementation of any project should be legally effective but also feasible from the economic standpoint.

This is why we direct our legal services towards the provision of support for the in-house legal departments to release them from burdensome on-going legal issues or to help them with the implementation of legal projects and litigation.

For those companies that do not want to be prevented from reaching new horizons, we offer:

and Legal Project Management
of Contractual Obligations
of Legal Services

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