Start-Up Service

The mere incorporation of a company and a tax certificate will not make your business solid nor ready to face changes, and will never minimize the legal risks that the newly-born company will confront to grow successfully.

A start-up is a business project with innovative ideas and its key attribute is the ability to grow, multiply revenue and create an impact on the society in different respects. However, startups shall adapt themselves to the ubiquity of law and the requirements it imposes on them to achieve their goals effectively.

Through our start-up package you can receive a full range of services for making your project stronger and to help minimize legal risks.

How can we help?

    To provide a good basis for success and further growth, we provide startups the solution of different legal questions, among them:


    We Offer:


    When your business is incorporated you may wish to obtain other services we would gladly provide you with:

    and Legal Project Management
    Legal Counsel
    of Contractual Obligations