Management of Contractual Obligations

Management of contractual obligations

Our service on the management of contractual obligations allows our clients to extract critical information, dates and obligations arising from the contracts concluded with their business partners, which are relevant to the appropriate activity of the company and determination of actions that should be done. Also, we evaluate your business needs and help to elaborate formats of documents needed to improve contractual processes in your company.

We help manage large volumes of contracts as well as elaborate and supervise big comprehensive agreements such as trusts, joint ventures or business alliances, mergers, acquisitions.

In the course of commercial activities of companies different contracts accumulate invariably, and they contain agreements in relation to which the information can be lost and their very existence becomes unknown. Contractual obligations are constantly updated and addenda are concluded for monthly or yearly periods.

Companies need to make informed decisions to manage their risks and ensure continued commercial success. However, most companies do not have a comprehensive manual or archive with key information on company’s commitments contained in all contracts and agreements concluded, so the decision making in the business process becomes a headache for the legal and commercial departments.

We know how it is difficult to supervise, control and manage all contracts and obligations a company may have.

We provide this service to help your company:

Avoid penalties related to omission of contractual terms and milestones

Release your internal legal department from routine work of contract supervision to let them pay more attention to organization of real commercial activity

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