Virtual Legal Counsel

Virtual Legal Counsel

Our Virtual Legal Counsel Service is designed for companies with regular legal requirements who are looking for consistency in legal advice across a range of areas related to their business with total certainty in costs for the services received.

In all cases, our firm provides a service tailored to the clients’ needs and provides all the assistance clients may need in their business in exchange of a semiannual or annual fee.

This service is designed for companies considering recruiting their first in-house counsel, opening a legal department in the company or for those that already have a small legal department but they want their in-house lawyers to focus on high-impact activities of the company while working with us to source the remainder of their requirements.

Clients of our Virtual Legal Director service benefit from getting day to day legal advice for a fixed fee with a consistent point of contact responsible for ensuring the quality of service, providing all the benefits of having a legal department at significant lower cost and with access to a full range of legal specializations.

The assigned Virtual Legal Counsel is responsible for providing top quality service and is always aware of the needs of the company, actively providing solutions prepared by a dedicated team.

For the companies that do not yet have an in-house lawyer our firm assigns a "Virtual Legal Counsel" serving as the main contact responsible for addressing the client’s needs in a complete way with a wide range of services, among others:

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