Our Vision

We are a law firm whose vision is to serve as advisors for businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their everyday needs.

We understand that companies and start-ups require legal advice to generate and get business opportunities, and for this purpose, we offer a wide range of solutions elaborated by the best specialists in different areas of law.

We have extensive experience in applying the law to make business grow. We are specialists in areas such as corporate and tax strategy, assistance in intellectual property protection, consulting on the regulation of different spheres of business (import/export, trading, rendering of services, real estate relations, labor law, shareholders/founders agreements, etc.), contract drafting, protection of foreign investments and consultations on the relations with state and local authorities, all of which we consider the basis of our work. Also, our practice includes premium services such as commercial negotiation, project finance, arbitration and assistance in questions related to the energy business.

We are experts in the application of national and international law. The international experience of our partners positions us as a firm with a global perspective and allows us to advise our clients on their international businesses in the different jurisdictions where their operations may take place, whether it is through our direct legal support or the cooperation with our professional contacts throughout the world.

The focus of our services is clearly defined in accordance with the expectations of our clients and customized to each of them. Our main goal is to help companies in addressing their main business activities in the most efficient manner. We offer great benefits to business people, entrepreneurs, CFOs, legal directors and to any institution interested in getting the best service for the best price.

We offer various forms of professional cooperation and provision of legal services. Comprehending the reality of business, we are able to structure the best and most efficient solutions, as well as the prevention, identification, management and solution of legal risks.

Furthermore, in order to align our services with the most innovative ideas in the global legal market we designed a new approach to the provision of legal advice with absolute certainty of the cost of our services in a wide range of legal areas.

This is why we offer different schemes of professional cooperation with fixed fees calculated according to the particular project, fixed monthly fees, hourly fees or any other previously agreed scheme with the purpose of being the most attractive in the market offering complete certainty in the amount of expenses in exchange for services of the highest quality.

Professional ethics, high specialization, bespoke service, quality and effective teamwork are our core values and the force that drives us to provide innovative and robust solutions. We are a firm with the highest quality standards and professional ethics with the purpose of generating business for our clients.

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